Ajloun Nature Reserve, Jordan

Hello from Jordan! After flying to Amman and spending one short night attempting to adjust to the new time zone in the Middle East, my G Adventures tour group darted off to Ajloun Nature Reserve. Two hours to the north of Amman, after roadside coffee stop, we arrived to the surprisingly green nature reserve in the midst of the Jordanian desert.


It is low season here so we had the trails to ourselves.


Everyone drinks tea and coffee in Jordan (but not alcohol). A fire to warm the kettle for a tea stop on the trail:


We hiked about 8 miles through the reserve to a small town where we ended with what was called a light vegetarian lunch. The group absolutely devoured the hummus, potatoes, egg, tomato sauce, leafy green, yogurt, pita bread (the vehicle for a the great dips!), and more- it was phenomenal. Also, we were hungry from hiking!


Lunch setting:


On our hike we heard but did not see wild warthogs. They were too fast for us to catch a glimpse of them. We did see many goats on the road driving to the Ajloun Nature Reserve. That was about it for animals spotted today.


Since no one in my group had actually gotten over their jet lag yet, we checked into our cabins and had a nice, long nap.

20190112_142838 (2)

Sunset was the highlight of our outdoor time at camp. Dressed in every layer of clothing I brought with me, we enjoyed each other’s company under the changing sky.

20190112_164105 (2)

The stars were out in full force in this non-light polluted area.They were amazing to see.

Dinner was delicious despite the chilly temperature inside the dining hall. The clay pot beef was my favorite dish besides dessert. Still wearing my hat and mittens, I dug in!

20190112_181224 (2)

Dessert was Kanafeh, a cheesy, sweet concoction which was new for me. I hope I can find this again at a restaurant back in the United States. It is definitely a dish I want to eat again.

20190112_183556 (2)

Look at the cheese pull!

20190112_183723 (2)

Our cabins had heaters in them which were run by kerosene. Our heater ran out of fuel around 3am so we woke up freezing cold. Not a super pleasant experience but memorable!

My first full day in Jordan was a good one. And I’m impressed with the food thus far, especially considering I didn’t know anything about Jordanian cuisine going into the trip. And the Jordanian people I’ve met have been nothing but lovely and courteous. So far, so good!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Everything looks beautiful! I haven’t heard much about Jordan as a vacation destination. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more about it 🙂

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