All Vieques Vacations must Come to an End

So far our trip to Vieques has been all about the beach. We did do a few other things besides go to the beach, albeit not much more. While I love the beach, a good book-in-the-hammock day is a favorite activity as well as eating delicious food.

The only nice dinner we went out for was to Biekes Bistro in Isabel II.

IMG_8883 (3)

Mom ordered some amazing fish tacos but I think I’m the big winner with the Puerto Rican specialty Mofongo with conch. Libations included this delicious and strong Parcharita which tasted like a mango margarita- yum!

IMG_8880 (1)

Horses at the gas station make me laugh.


Just in case you can’t pay for your gas, you can take a horse for a quick getaway!!

IMG_8916 (1)

Our second to last day at Evamar, our VRBO rental, the toilet busted (we didn’t do it!) so we got moved to the swanky main house and had it all to ourselves. Our own giant kitchen, porch, and my very own hammock!

IMG_8910 (2)

The main house:

IMG_9611 (2)

We made guacamole from the most giant avocado ever and had supper al fresco out here:

IMG_9614 (2)

I also finished War and Peace in this hammock.

Unfortunately this meant that our trip to Vieques and our Grand Caribbean Adventure trip was over.

IMG_8918 (2)

Into the tiny plane for one last hair-raising hop over to San Juan.

IMG_8919 (2)

This leg of the trip was slightly bumpier than the ride over but it took us on a slightly different route.


We got to fly right over El Morro Fortress! It looks so cool from the air!

IMG_8928 (2)

And with that vacation is over Sad smile We are forecasted to get 8-12 inches of snow tonight so we will see if tomorrow could be our only snow day of the entire winter.  Or at least enough snow to make it fun to walk around in.  We shall see!

Reader Question: Are you getting snow today, tomorrow, yesterday???? Do you like snow days?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    The last day of vacation is always bittersweet. Sounds like you had a good vacation overall. And I think we only ended up getting 4-5 inches of snow, so not quite as bad as they predicted. Hope the snow isn’t making it too hard to acclimate back to normal life.

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