Along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh is really a special strip of road to wander into Scottish history. At one end of the Royal Mile stands the magnificent Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace at the other end.

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This morning we explored Holyrood Palace and it’s Abbey. Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh stay here when in the city.


The audiotour is free! (once you pay for entry) and gives pretty good information about the building, the current royal family, and the royals and other notables that have previously called Holyrood Palace home.  They don’t allow photos inside the palace, bummer.

Scandal and intrigue are also part of Holyrood Palace history. The harrowing murder of David Rizzio, advisor of Mary Queen of Scots, happened within her chambers here at Holyrood House. The murder was carried out by none other than her husband.

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The Abbey out back was my favorite part of the whole self-guided tour.

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As you can tell from the photos, it was a rainy, dreary day. It is Scotland so not exactly shocking. We waited out the rain by eating leftover ravioli before walking to Edinburgh Castle once things cleared up.

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Edinburgh Castle is really a fortress with many buildings inside it. I made a beeline for the crown jewel exhibit (no photos of course) as that is always my favorite. BC was into the knight body armor so we went through the exhibits of the museum and great hall.


The outside views of Edinburgh Castle from the hillside (particularly at night) are amazing but during our trip there was a festival/parade about to happen so huge amounts of scaffolding was blocking the entrance and ruining the setting, so sad.


And it was raining again. On any rainy night only a comfort meal will do so we set off for Makars Gourmet Mash Bar, a mashed potato restaurant with awesome Yelp and Google reviews.

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As previously mentioned, I am meat-ed out so the vegetarian option of eggplant, beans and cheese rosti stack was my choice and it was amazing!!! The whole thing was comfort food that didn’t sit like a rock in my stomach.

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BC went for the gold and got the short rib with cheddar mashed potatoes- I tried it and loved it. Mine was better but his was an excellent meaty choice.  Two thumbs up for dinner!

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    I love places like that which have good audio tours, and even better when they’re included with the admission 🙂

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