Amtrak from Savannah to Baltimore

I wrote a little about my way to Savannah on the icebox known as the Amtrak train.  Luckily on the way back the Amtrak from Savannah to Baltimore was on time and not so cold!  My train left at 8:20am from Savannah.  I hopped in a cab around 7:30 and was at the station by 7:40am.  We boarded around 8am and took off on time.


First stop was Yemassee, GA, a small town between Savannah, GA  and Charleston, SC.  It was the first tiny towns among many tiny towns in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. There were abandoned buildings all along the tracks in some areas.



And a boarded up downtown of a small town that really made me sad.  My hometown (DeWitt, Iowa) is thriving and storefronts are full.  Not here:



Sights became for nature-oriented as we went through North Carolina and Virginia (although the savannahs of Georgia were plentiful too)


My favorite sight was the Sombrero in South Carolina.  Courtney and I ran into this driving to Charleston, SC during our Great Southern Food Roadtrip.


Virginia brought some gorgeous home to the Amtrak tracks as well as a University.  Good sightseeing by Richmond!


Waterways in Virginia,


Gave way to the Capitol building in Washington, DC (slightly blurry because it was pretty far away):


Overall, the Amtrak ride from Savannah to Baltimore was great!  A little cold yes, a little long (12 hours) yes, but it was a scenic ride up the East Coast.  Exposure to the small town on the Amtrak tracks gave me a much better view of how small town Southerners live and make me miss my own small town where I grew up.

I would take the Amtrak from Baltimore to Savannah again although I would bring a warm blanket (and possibly a parka with a hood).  Snacks are essential as well. Taking the train is low stress compared to flying.  And I ended up beating lot of my Fitbloggin friends home as so many planes were cancelled and delayed due to weather and mechanical issues.  A win for me!

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