Amtrak to Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia is my next destination. I decided to do this trip a little different and try a new mode of transportation- the Amtrak overnight train.  The Silver Meteor train starts in New York and travels to Miami, stopping at many points along the Eastern Seaboard including Baltimore and Savannah.

Stained glass ceiling at Baltimore’s Penn Station:

Baltimore Penn Station ceiling

The Amtrak to Savannah was supposed to leave Baltimore at 6:14pm which is perfect for not taking a day off work.  Since you don’t have to be at the train station very early (unlike flying), I just shot over in a cab after my work day was done.  My train was slightly delayed and left at 6:34pm.  Amtrak let’s you carry on smaller luggage without being nutty about sizes and weights.  They also have checked luggage for free- up to two bags!

Show up 15 minutes prior to your train, 45 minutes if you are checking luggage.  Baltimore’s calm main terminal:


The ride itself was easy. All was going well up until the air-conditioning kicked on full blast about an hour into the ride.  It never turned off or down despite 2 complains from me and dozens more in my car alone.  The dining car was warmer so people to sleeping and hanging out in there.  The seats on the train were huge compared to airline seats. But the best part was that there were leg platforms for you to raise and lay out a little bit.  Reclining at its finest.

Amtrak to Savannah

Unfortunately and scarily, we got into an accident 20 minutes outside of Charleston, SC.  A car decided to try to beat the train and lost.  They didn’t tell us what happened to the driver but we were stopped for 2 1/2 hours so I can only assume what happened.

My view for 2 1/2 hours:

Amtrak to Savannah waiting

Soon enough I was in Savannah and checked into my hotel, the Hyatt.  I didn’t choose the Hyatt Regency Savannah but luckily my blogging conference this weekend chose such a well-located venue. Location is everything in a hotel.  Also a big, bright room with a giant bed was necessary after a freezing all-night train ride.

That is my conference swag bag laid out all over the bed:

Amtrak to Savannah Hyatt room

The Hyatt Savannah is located right on Bay St. and River St. in the heart of the Historic Savannah neighborhood. A lot of good sights and restaurants are within a few blocks.  The view from my room was gorgeous:

Amtrak to Savannah Hyatt Hotel view

More from Savannah coming up next!

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