Ancient Corinth


Ancient ruins alert! Ancient Corinth is an hour or so outside of Athens so we opted to head there instead of seeing Acropolis yet again.

Greek CruiseCorinth2

Corinth was a city-state and major power in Ancient Greece.  The city was founded in 6000 BC- a long, long time ago.

Temple of Apollo and my very stylish outfit. :

Greek CruiseCorinthTempleofApollo

Peirene Fountain that collected all the drinking water necessary for the city. These Ancient Greeks were smarty-pants!

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It is thought that Paul the Apostle wrote the First and Second Corinthians in Ancient Corinth and spent a bit of time here.

Greek Cruise 352

Greek CruiseCorinth1

The Corinth canal completed finally in 1893 after it was first talked about in 200 BC and attempted in the first century AD (with more failed attempts later). The very narrow canal connects the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.  We went sailing through it which was pretty cool.





If you find yourself in Athens more than once and Acropolis has already been checked off your to-do list, try visiting Corinth. Ancient Corinth and the Corinth Canal sites make for a great day trip from Athens.  Learn about Ancient Greek life (and some Christianity religion) at Ancient Corinth and some Greek economic and shipping history while riding through the Corinth Canal.


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    […] It is a walled city protecting it from invaders and more.  Out of all the ruins I’ve been to (Corinth, Angkor Wat, Chichen-Itza, and more) Tulum has the best view.  If I was a Mayan in charge this is […]

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