Antigua, Guatemala Sights and Volcanoes

Antigua, Guatemala outdoor clothing market

My group arrived in Antigua, Guatemala very late after a long day. Our morning flight from Flores was cancelled so we spent the day in Flores before flying into Guatemala City. After a van ride from the airport, we arrived at our hotel in Antigua- Hotel Posada Del Hermano Pedro.  The hotel was extremely well-located to the center of Antigua.  It was a basic hotel but fine.

In the morning, a local guide took us around Antigua, Guatemala.  The whole city is a UNIESCO World Heritage Site with Spanish colonial architecture. Spanish explorers took over the city centuries ago and it began to flourish. There are a lot of churches in Antigua. They reminded me a lot of Lima- same influence of the Spanish explorers probably.

Antigua, Guatemala La Merced Church

La Merced Church

Antigua, Guatemal La Merced Church 2

While standing outside La Merced around 10:45am the church bells started ringing frantically.  I immediately thought it must be noon but realized that couldn’t be the case.  Our guide non-chalantly told us to look up at the nearby volcano.  The volcano named Acatenango was blowing out steam!  The church bells are their first warning system for volcanic activity. The city residents know to look up and be aware of the volcano.

Just two days earlier a volcano closer to Guatemala City started to erupt.  Apparently the Ring of Fire is in a period of a lot of activity.

Antigua, Guatemala Acatenango erruption

Antigua is surrounded by three volcanoes.  I wonder who the smarty-pants was that decided to build a city surrounded by three active volcanoes.  What a terrible idea!


The houses, church, and building style are all Spanish colonial style.  The houses, restaurants, and hotels have courtyards- something I saw a lot of in the south of Spain.

Antigua, Guatemala courtyard


Antigua, Guatemala courtyard 2

My favorite photos of the day were from this small outdoor textile market by our hotel.


Colorful backdrop against the ruins of an old church destroyed by an earthquake.  (Wait- I didn’t mention that they also have powerful earthquakes fairly regularly too???)



Natural disasters aside, Antigua, Guatemala is my favorite city we visited on this trip.  Finally it is warm and sunny!  Stay tuned for more.

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