Antwerp on a Rainy Day

Antwerp, or Antwerpen, was a last minute addition to my Belgian vacation schedule. I was only in Antwerp two short days but I made the most of them despite one day of completely dreary weather.


Arriving into Antwerp Central train station was amazing! Such a beautiful structure.


On my rainy day self-guided tour, the Cathedral of our Lady was my favorite stop in Antwerp besides the gorgeous train station. As it was intended, the church houses art works by Paul Rubens and more making for a spectacular sight.


Opened in the year 1521, Cathedral of our Lady took 169 years to be built! The stained glass lined the walls and would have made for a bright interior on a sunny day.

DSC00420 (2)

Entrance is a reasonable 6 Euro and well worth the price. Cafés line the square outside the cathedral to for a great view with your Belgian beer or coffee (but don’t eat here #touristtrap).

DSC00433 (2)

Photo taken on Day 2 when it wasn’t pouring rain any longer.

Door porn:

20180829_142746 (2)

Antwerp is Paul Rubens’ stomping grounds. His house/museum (Rubenhuis) is located just off of one of the major streets and easy to find. You can quickly stop into one of the many shops and buy a raincoat, umbrella, or normal weather gear if you arrived in Belgium unprepared.

20180829_153528 (2)

I had the best luck ever in that I was able to enter for free and avoid the 10 Euro entry fee! The last Wednesday of every month is free to all visitors and that just happened to be when I was there.

20180829_153050 (2)

His art lined most of the walls along with a few paintings by other masters of the time. If you are an art person make sure to stop here but if you are not, I’d skip Rubenhuis, unless it is free day.

20180829_153443 (2)

Belgians always eat bread or croissants for breakfast. All that bread makes me crave salads. Some days you just need a salad. Am I right? But I’m still in Belgium, my favorite beer country, I had Dupont Saison to go with it.  Yum!

20180829_194304 (3)

Next door to my amazingly centrally-located AirBnB, was a cute little café with a menu filled with pasta and salads. The streets around my AirBnB were lined with restaurants so I had so many options it was fantastic. Overwhelming sometimes having so many options, but really great.

More from a bright and sunny day in Antwerp coming up next!

Reader Question: What is your go-to breakfast? Sweet, savory, protein, carbs?  Mine is coffee and a banana!

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