Arise and Illuminate- LeClaire, Iowa

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My brother bought this awesome t-shirt today because he liked the color.  Arise and illuminate everyone- whatever that means.

Mom and I went around her new city of residence today. LeClaire, Iowa is one of the more historical and prettier towns in Iowa I think.  It is right on the Mississippi river and has lots of nice houses on the hills overlooking the water.

Iowa-Leclaire 011

And there is a little show on the History Channel called American Pickers that takes place in LeClaire.  The shop name is Antique Archaeology but everyone knows it as the American Pickers store.  Mike and Frank were not in today- oh well.

Iowa-Leclaire 013


A lot of tourists are surprised about how small the actual shop is, the big one is in Tennessee but the original is in LeClaire.

Iowa-Leclaire 007

Riverboat on the Mississippi- The Twilight.  Vampires not welcome. It is a pretty boat.  Dumb name.

Iowa-Leclaire 005

Buffalo Bill Museum.  Buffalo Bill Cody was born in LeClaire in 1846 and lived here about 7 years so they have lots of stuff named after him and his own museum.  In Iowa, we have to name-drop as much as we can.  There aren’t too many historical figures and famous people from here.

Iowa-Leclaire 008

Original site of his boyhood home.  He had a great view of the river.

Recently, I read Devil in White City by Erik Larson. There are mentions and stories of Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley here and there in the book.  Overall, it was a good book but I especially enjoyed reading about Buffalo Bill at the World’s Fair of 1893 in Chicago.

In other news….A bird pooped on my car a lot!

Iowa-Leclaire 002

Do you think the rental agency will charge me for a car wash if I bring it back to them like this?

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  1. Megan says:

    Nice shirt Michael! And seriously you went to Buffalo Bills museum!?!?! Oh and YUCK on the car but it really made me laugh:)

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