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The night before we headed into the mountains for some skiing, Lauren and I wandered about Denver, taking in the sights and enjoying some libations. First we headed to Wild Women Wine because Lauren had a groupon for wine tasting and it is only 2 blocks from her apartment.  Wild Women Wine is a private wine maker run by at least 2 women (because I met 2 of the owners).

Denverwildwomenwine2 The wine was actually pretty good.  I preferred the Tempranillo and there was a good Merlot/Syrah blend as well. Denverwildwomenwine4 The best part were the awesome wine labels made by an artist in Portland.  I couldn’t bring any wine (or beer) home because I carried on my luggage on the airplane. Boo! Denverwildwomenwine5 Cute decor: Denverwildwomenwine Classing it up: Denverwildwomenwine3

Next up was Marlowe’s– a random restaurant/supper club on the 16th St Mall.  We went because the name is so awesome! 🙂

DenverMarlowes My favorite beverage stop in all of Denver was the Great Divide Brewery.  I only had one beer I didn’t like (the super hoppy IPA) but I loved the Yeti, Colette Farmhouse, Belgian style Orabelle, and the delicious brown Hoss.  If you are ever In Denver, go to the Great Divide Brewery- it is well worth it. These little samplers are only $1!!!!!!  There were 3 of us there so we housed many of these little guys. DenverGreatDivideBrewery   More skiing up next!

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  1. September 25, 2014

    […] We returned to our ski condo for the night to play board games and drink delicious Colorado beer. […]

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