Around Old City, Philadelphia


Today was all about United States history.  We started off at the Liberty Bell because it was a half a block from our hotel room.  The line was really long (hello spring Saturday of a holiday weekend) but it moved pretty quick.


I swear when I was little there was a picture of me and my sister touching the Liberty Bell.  Not anymore- this was as close as I could get.


Next stop was Constitution Hall for some learning.  The museum itself looks a lot bigger than it is but we still had a good time for the price of $14.50 per ticket.  I refreshed my memory of the Constitution, knowledge I’ve forgotten since high school American History and Government class and since the West Wing was cancelled (best show ever!).


Also inside Constitution Hall were statues of the writers of the Constitution.  BC stopped to have a chat with some.


And had a photo op with George Washington.


Here is Independence Hall from the lawn in front of Constitution Hall.  Tickets were sold out until April 6th so we decided maybe next time we would be better planners.


Onto Betsy’s pad.  Betsy Ross, that is.  She had a late night visit from George Washington asking her to make a new flag for the newly independent nation.


Betsy agreed and now her house is preserved for all to see.  And for $5 you can too.  She and her husband actually shared the house with at least one other family if not more.  It was fun to see it and the upholstery shop she worked in.  Betsy was not actually a seamstress (as I thought) but an upholsterer.

The great cat fountain outside.  I’m pretty sure this was a more recent add-on 🙂

Philadelphiabetsyrosscatfountain PhiladelphiaBetsyRosshouse

Now for the best part of the trip:  Philadelphia Cheesesteaks!  On the way out of town we went to Pat’s and Geno’s on Passyunk and 9th.  Both of us prefer Pat’s so that’s where we stopped.

Philadelphia Chili 140

Poor Geno’s.  No love from us today.

Philadelphia Chili 137

I coerced BC into ordered his steak with cheese whiz instead of provolone because that’s the way it should be 🙂  He was a big fan and says he is now converted.


The bad blogger that I am didn’t remember to take a picture until I was done.  I housed that cheesesteak!  It was excellent!

Philadelphia Chili 136

My fun weekend in Philadelphia is over 🙁  This week brings more excitement as I’m heading to New York City to watch Iowa play Maryland in the NIT semifinals at Madison Square Garden!

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  1. Michael Cohen says:

    “Wit wiz” is the only way! Tell BC that I approve.

  2. Megan says:

    Yes we did touch it and I have that picture in a photo album somewhere!

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