Around Seville- Day 1


Besides going to the fair in Seville on Day 1 we also wandered around walking a good 6 miles (maybe more) if I had to guess.  My runner legs were so tired by the end.  Public transport is not the best here so walking it is.

We saw the tobacco factory where the opera Carmen is set.  SpainSevilleCarmenTobaccoFactory

It is now a university building that is quite grand.  Here is a peek using the keyhole in the massive door (for real).


Per our guide, the Cathedral of Seville is the 4th biggest Cathedral in the world (behind St. Paul’s in London, St. Peter’s in the Vatican, and the Duomo in Milan).  But if you add the orange grove inside the Cathedral grounds it would make it 3rd biggest, bigger than Milan.  The Spanish and Italians like to argue over that.


It was closed most of today for the fair (like everything else) but I got to go inside on Day 2.


Giralda Bell Tower


Some sights from around town:


Tapas time:

Sangria for all!


Fried sardines and a zuchinni lasagna because we can’t completely ignore veggies on vacation.  We had about 6 more plates of different tapas for the table but of course I don’t have pictures of them.


Tapas here are pretty cheap so you can get a bunch of items and share.  The US should remember that this is how tapas are supposed to be- not $12 per 2 bites of food! Pet peeve.


For cap off the night we walked to the “Mushrooms” which is actually a big wooden modern art sculpture/building with a viewing deck on top.  The views were great- the mushroom sculpture building is really ugly.

SpainSevillemushroom  SpainSevilleatnight2 SpainSevilleatnight

One more post on Seville to come.  There was a lot to see!  Happy Thursday!

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  1. Megan says:

    “cap off the night”… pun!
    Agree on the US tapas prices! This was also a big pet peeve of mine especially 5 years ago when every new restaurant was tapas and no portion was big enough to share with anyone!

  1. May 15, 2017

    […] Best Medium City:  Seville […]

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