Around the Island of Tahiti


Today Tahiti was interesting and boring all at the same time.  We went on a tour because Mom wanted to but I’m not a big fan of bus tours. My ADD kicks in after a few hours so I was listening to my iPod instead of my tour guide Dave. (head shake, you can’t take me anywhere)

TahitiIsland 013

Mom and I in the sacred cave where the old Tahitian religion did their cleansing and healing.

TahitiIsland 019

This is a four person fishing operation (the fourth is snorkeling by the boat) outside the Paul Gauguin museum.  It was mesmerizing to watch 1) because it was so pretty and 2) they had a great system.

TahitiIsland 020

This is the Paul Gauguin museum.  It was very tropical and a great design for a museum in Tahiti.  The material/art inside the museum was only okay.  A lot of it was about his life and less about his art.

TahitiIsland 021

Pretty flora outside the Paul Gauguin Museum. All plant life is lush and gorgeous here.

TahitiIsland 023

Fautaua Waterfall- this was my favorite stop of the day!  A random Tahitian kid wanted to be in our picture we went for it. He was a lot of fun.

TahitiIsland 029

This cool looking fruit is called Rambutan.  They taste pretty good too but mostly I love the color!  You peel off the outside and just eat the inside part, which is white.

TahitiIsland 030

Arahoho blowhole

TahitiIsland 031

Surfer dudes by the blowhole.  Again, these guys were fun to watch.  Some were pretty good while others kept wiping out (which would be me if I tried).

TahitiIsland 034

Finally we ended up at the Lighthouse at Point Venus designed by Robert Louis Stevenson’s father, Thomas Stevenson.

While I was not the best tour guide today, discovering sights on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia was fun and a good break from sunbathing on the beach.  I probably learned a few things today too 🙂

We get on the Paul Gauguin ship soon!

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  1. Megan says:

    Did you adopt a child near the Fautaua Waterfall?

  1. January 8, 2015

    […] will be first, followed by Samoa and New Caledonia. I’m heading to the South Pacific in a few weeks so right there 3 new countries for […]

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