Around Ubud


My day started off with a yummy banana pancake with papaya, pineapple, a watermelon.  Is it weird that I like watermelon in Bali but not in the US?  It is kind of like how pineapple in Hawaii is better than at home so probably not too weird.


It is too hot to do much wandering between noon and 4:00 so I started out early to wander around Ubud.  I happened upon the Monkey Forest Sanctuary but chose not to go in- later I found out this was a good decision.  There were monkeys outside the gates so I still got to see them.


The signs outside warned tourists that they will steal things but one warning spoke of monkeys attacking people and to drop your belongings and just leave, the staff would return to collect your belongings.  I decided a big “heck no” to that.  My breakfast buddy this morning told me one of the monkeys bit her and she had to get a series of 3 rabies shots.  No bueno.


More wandering and shopping.  Then it was time for lunch.  A lot of Indonesian fare is vegetarian friendly.  They eat meat too but more fowl and fish.  I stopped at Kafe a little cafe known for its vegetarian fare.  I highly recommend it.

A lime-mint slushie to cool me off.  Perfect!


Tofu summer rolls


Spicy papaya salad and rice


It was awesome!  Rice fields take up 20% of the land in Bali so rice is a huge eating staple here.

My non-airconditioned room was too much to take so I headed to a spa for a $20- 2 hour massage and body scrub that ended in a bath filled with purple and pink flowers.  It was so neat.  And air conditioned.  Win- win.

At night I met with the group and headed to the Night Bazaar.  The Night Bazaar was a bit out of the center and was attended only by locals- no tourists.  Everyone wanted to say hi to us.


Weird looking fruit:


Yellow watermelon:


Fried bananas, tofu, tempeh


We ended up eating fried rice and some fried bananas.  Both were delicious and cost us a $1 US total.  Score!

Off to explore outer Ubud today.  Hopefully we don’t melt.

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