Arriving in Bratislava

Another epic Eastern European trip has begun, this time in Bratislava, Slovakia. While technically flying into Vienna, nearby Bratislava is the first stop on my 3 week vacation visiting 6 different countries (3 of which are new for me!).

20191022_172207 (2)

Vienna, Austria has the bigger airport of the two nearby cities an is generally easier (and cheaper) to fly into from non-EU destinations. A semi-stinky bus for 8 Euro takes an hour and drops you off right next to Old Town Bratislava. I hoofed it with my large backpack into Old Town (no cars, pedestrians only) and found my cute, little hotel right off the main square.

Adorable side street of my hotel during golden hour:

20191022_152903 (2)

I was mighty tired after traveling all day long but opted to take a long walk around Old Town to get my bearings and get the blood moving again after so many hours of sitting on an airplane.

20191022_152614 (2)

It was still fairly warm in Bratislava while I was there- low 60s but the leaves were changing, fall was here!

My favorite photo of my golden hour/sunset walk of the main square:


It is off-season in these parts so there were hardly any tourists (remember I was in Dubrovnik in May and it was a mob scene). It was so peaceful and lovely.

20191022_174209 (2)

Is it strange I really wanted to come to Riga and see this statue? Cumil, a.k.a. the Peeper, sits right outside a random jewelry shop in Old Town. I think he is super-cool and really doesn’t have much of a story. Bratislava installed some art in the 1990s in an attempt to get tourists to return after the fall of Communism. Took me a while but I made it here.

20191022_174640 (2)

The most important stop of the night was dinner. I was about to fall asleep on my feet and the vast amount of carbs I had for dinner added to the sleepiness. As with most places that were behind the Iron Curtain, food is simple here. Slovakian cuisine involves a lot of potatoes and their national dish is bryndozove halusky which involves potatoes (like a gnocchi), sheep’s cheese, and bacon. I had that alongside some pierogies, and another type of potato dumpling with sausage and sauerkraut. The potato sampler if you will. Everything was amazing!


The pierogies and the Slovakian gnocchi with bacon were the winners. But there were no losers here.

And with that I was in bed by 8:30pm fast asleep. More from Bratislava soon!

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