Arriving in Tahiti

Early this morning the Island of Tahiti in French Polynesia came into sight. And there was a small rainbow in the clouds! I’ve never seen a rainbow while in the air.

Arriving in Tahiti Rainbow

The journey to Tahiti was a long journey filled with snowstorms in Baltimore, mile-long sprints through the Minneapolis airport, delicious Umami Burgers in LA (must try to find more Umami Burger Restaurants!), and accrual of a lot of air miles!!!

Arriving in Tahiti landing in water

In Tahiti is looks like you are going to land in the ocean.  But you don’t.  This is my second trip to Tahiti and we are doing things a little different this time.  Our hotel outside of Papeete is near the airport, the InterContinental Tahiti.  Even with our 6am arrival time, the room was ready (sort of).

Tahiti Intercontinental View

They checked my mom and I in as Mr. and Mrs. instead of mother and daughter so we had a romantic king size.  We got a double room with a much better view after some haggling.  Then it was off to the pool for a suntan nap.

Tahiti Intercontinental pool

I had gotten 2 hours of sleep so I accidentally fell asleep a few times.  The cold pool helped wake me up.

Tahiti Intercontinental sunbathing

Today is a relaxing day, trying to catch up on sleep and adjust my internal clock.  My plans for the rest of the day include this guy:


and some welcome R&R.  The sunsets here are incredible.  My favorite shot of the night.

The most gorgeous Sunset over Tahiti

More tomorrow from Papeete!

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  1. Mariah says:

    OH MY this looks heavenly. Enjoy!

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