Arusha, Tanzania and the end of Safari


Today’s drive in Tanzania was a beast.  But at least we got to follow some funny car designs.


Tanzania has well-maintained roads compared to Kenya but the occasional road construction areas forces vehicles to drive in ditches and on crazy dirt roads with one lane.

We stopped in a small town on the way from Ngorongoro to Arusha for dinner.  The van parked on the main road and we wandered around for a bit before heading to our dinner venue.


There was a lot of agricultural work going on in the rice fields and bringing bananas to market.



The market in town was hopping.  Full of fruits, vegetables, beans, and of course bananas.  Many different kinds of bananas.  I really liked the red bananas.  Smaller and sweeter than the normal ones people eat.



They also brew beer from bananas.  This stuff is awful though- you have to basically chew it.  Don’t try it- trust me!


After the dreadful banana beer taste test we meandered down the street to our food spot.


G Adventures works with a local family to cook us a delicious meal.   This was my favorite meal of the trip.


So much good food!


I had thirds.


We drove the rest of the way into Arusha to finish our safari with our food babies from lunch.  Arusha is a big city- nothing too special.  The next leg of my trip is a 3 hours bus ride taking me to Moshi, Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro. I have one rest day before meeting my climbing group.  I’m a little nervous about the mountain climbing portion of the trip!

Safari recap, the hits and misses, and more is coming up next!  Then on to Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m climbing a mountain soon! Eek!

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  1. September 25, 2014

    […] safari was a comfort tour through G Adventures that starts in Nairobi, Kenya and ends in Arusha, Tanzania.  A comfort tour means that it is more $$$ but you get nicer amenities.  I admit I was a little […]

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