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Augustinian Monastery, Quebec City


With torrential downpours and chilly temperatures, the start to my Quebec City/Women in Travel Summit trip was not going as hoped. As I looked for indoor activities the Augustinian Monastery Wellness tour seemed like a unique option that involved some exercise so I signed up!

The Augustinian Monastery (Le Monastere des Augustines) in Quebec City had a 45 million dollar renovation in 2015. When completed, it entailed a spa, restaurant, holistic medicine clinic, museum, and hotel. The newly improved and expanded complex won architecture awards as well as being a fantastic addition to the Quebec City wellness scene.

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The Augustinian sisters help found the first hospitals in this area and was run by the nuns who lived here. Old medical equipment is on display in the museum section of the building for all to see. The science nerd in me loved this part of the tour..

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Nuns still live in an adjacent building, work here, and walk these corridors.

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Daily Mass is held in the chapel here.

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In the basement, thrice daily yoga classes are held for anyone wishing to join. The classes we participated in was mellow, full of stretching, and I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

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The basement is the only surviving piece from a fire that gutted the monastery in 1755. The rest was rebuilt in 1757 and some elements remain in the new design. The extremely tilted staircases require concentration to not tip with them.


The hotel here is minimalist in design and uses some of the same rooms as the previous nuns. The doors were about 5 feet tall. I had to duck to get inside them! The newer section of the hotel had normal sized doors. If you like peace and quiet (and boy is it quiet!), this is the place to stay in Old Town Quebec.


The plant-based restaurant looked delicious but one of my goals on this Quebec City trip was to eat as many croissants and other baked goods as possible. Other members of my tour/yoga class did eat lunch here and said it was wonderful.

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But my lunch was wonderful too. Nearby Baguette & Chocolat bakery noshes:


Holy pecan pie! This seemed to not be made with corn syrup but something better- maybe maple syrup since we are in Quebec after all!

More from Quebec City soon!

Reader Question: Are you a pecan pie fan? What is your favorite kind of pie? I love pie!

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  1. That sounds like a really cool tour, and I love that they offer yoga classes. That pecan pie looks amazing! It’s probably one of my favorite types of pie.

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