Back Inn Time- St Albans Vermont

St Albans, in Northern Vermont has a population of 6,876. There are not a lot of accommodation options in this fairly small town, except the cute bed and breakfast called Back Inn Time.

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The Back Inn Time is located about 6 block from the Amtrak station- making it the perfect location for me since I do not have a car this trip. Just 3 blocks off Main Street, it is close to a lot of restaurants, shops, 14th Star Brewing Company, the Farmer’s Market, and more.


The owner’s make a superb breakfast with local organic ingredients (as much as possible).  This was my breakfast plate- the best thing on it was the cranberry pecan break from a local baker.  So, so good!

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The outside of the Back Inn Time were amazing. The flowers all around the property were beautiful and welcoming. There are a few porches all around the house were great for a little sunset porch sitting with a glass of wine (or Diet Coke in my case).

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The do hold events here- there was one on Saturday night- a high school reunion. The fire pit was churning out flames but the guests were at the back of the property, away from the paying overnight guests. I could have crashed but it was a 50th reunion so I think I probably would have stuck out Smile

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My room was the single, nothing special but well-decorated.  The bed was so comfortable, probably the most comfy hotel bed I’ve had in a long time.

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My bathroom was cool looking but the tub was not super-functional.  The shower head had to be held and water was spraying everywhere from a leaky water nozzle. Oh well.

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If you are ever in St Albans- for Maple Festival, St. Albans Raid festival, or just looking at fall foliage, the Back Inn Time is one of your only hotel options but it is a good one!

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  1. What a cute little inn! Looks like a great time.

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