Baltimore Monument Lighting

Every December, the city of Baltimore’s Downtown Partnership of Baltimore and others put on a special event in the Mt Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore. The original Washington Monument resides here, building first started in 1815. Instead of lighting a big Christmas tree we light up the monument and have a small fireworks show set to Christmas music.

Washington Monument Mt Vernon Baltimore

The Monument Lighting Festival kicks off a few hours before the 7:45pm lighting and can get crazy-crowded. Instead of hitting the food trucks and stalls in the square we hopped over to Dooby’s for a Korean cheesesteak that was the bomb!

Dooby's Korean Cheesesteak

I had never been to Dooby’s before but had heard of it and that it was a good place to eat. Every time I go out in Mt. Vernon I have a good time and remind myself to come here more often. But the Korean Cheesesteak is a winner! We will be back Dooby’s- be ready.

Baltimore Monument Lighting preshow

Before the lighting starts there is a lot of standing around. Text all your friends and hope you find them. We found about 10 of our friends to hang with and get our Christmas spirit ready. A choir usually sings carols prior to the firework show to help pass the time.

Baltimore Monument Lighting fireworks

And then it is showtime! The lighting and fireworks last for 5 minutes give or take. The fireworks line up with Christmas songs being blared over the sound system. People sing, dance, and take photos. I also take video:

Christmas season in Baltimore  officially starts in my mind after the Washington Monument is lit. Yay for friends, a fun city, and the beginning to the holiday season!

Baltimore Monument Lighting

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