Baltimore Museum of Art and iPhone Photography Apps

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom which means it is springtime in Baltimore! But then it snowed yesterday and was cold all weekend so it doesn’t feel very spring-like yet.

Camera +:

Cherry Blossoms Baltimore Museum of Art

Saturday I spend my afternoon at the Baltimore Museum of Art. I have never been there before and am surely wondering what took me so long. The Museum is completely free and rivals the art museums of Europe- for real!

Camera +:

Degas Baltimore Museum of Art

There were Picasso, Van Gough, Degas, Matisse, Monet, Pollock, and so many more! After touring the place, it was quite the collection. Baltimore has a gem of a art museum here.

Hipstamatic + Snapseed:

Baltimore Museum of Art silver room

On this rainy Saturday, I was not exactly here on my own accord. This semester I am taking an iPhone photography class offered through the Johns Hopkins University Odyssey program– a non-credit adult education program that offers foreign language, photography, history, astronomy, and more.  I really like courses offered and have taken astronomy, Italian, Spanish, a writing course, and Photography 1. Johns Hopkins employees get a discount as well.

Picasso painting edited to get rid of the glare:

GCHM4096 (2)

My class field trip brought me to the Baltimore Museum of Art. We attempted to take “arty” shots and experiment with different iPhone photography apps.

A Hipstamatic shot:


Camera + (the one you should purchase if you only purchase one app):

ASMY1412 (2)

This is actually a photo of two different parts of the museum overlaid on one another. Bracket mode with Pro HDR X:


Any editing was done in Snapseed- my new best friend because of the ambiance setting. Shooting inside dark museums with bright windows is difficult so Brake mode plus Pro HDR X and Snapseed were very fun to use and change the lighting so there was a lot less glare and I could make it look sunny outside!


The Baltimore Museum of Art is a great way to spend a rainy day. If you are in Baltimore and looking for a fun, free activity- come check out the fun collections here. Get some culture in your life and see if you too can improve your iPhone photography skills in such a beautiful setting.

Apps used for these photos: Camera +, Snapseed, Retouch, Bracket Mode, Pro HDR x, Image Blender, Transfer, and Hipstamatic.

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  1. What beautiful pieces. I’m a huge Degas fan. I saw a bunch of his stuff in DC.

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