Bedugul and back to Ubud


We started our day in Bedugul and ended back in Ubud to finish up the tour.  The Botanical Gardens in Bedugul were pretty.  It would have been the perfect place to pack a picnic lunch and hang out with the fam.  They also had a ropes course with zip-lining.  We didn’t have enough time to do that though.


BaliBedugalbotanicalgardens2  BaliBedugalbotanicalgardens BaliBedugalcrazytree

Ladies taking wood from the Botanical Gardens.  Apparently this is legal because no one cared.


Next up was the market.  We ran into the campaign trial of the current governor of the region who was up for reelection.  He gave us stickers and rambutans (the crazy red fruit) in exchange for our votes.  I hope he realized we can’t actually vote in Indonesia!

Lady selling corn at the market.  Also could pass as a new version of the Nebraska Cornhuskers hat?BaliBedugalNebraska

On the way back there was a parade because it was a temple anniversary.BaliBedugaltempleparade

There aren’t that many roads in Bali and this parade was on the main North/South road which blocked traffic for a good 30 minutes.


We made it back to Ubud just in time for a downpour.  It was incredible how much it rained.




We went to a famous restaurant for some roasted pig.  It was really good.  I got the mix that included pulled pork, blood sausage (ewww….but still tasty), pork skin, and some other unidentifiable part.  It was really good.  And it cost $3.


Dinner wasn’t as good as lunch but it was prettier.


Me, nasi campur, and lychee martini.


This is the end of the tour around Bali.  It was a great experience and enabled me to be able to see many different areas of the island.  Obviously 9 days doesn’t get you everywhere but it gave me a good insight to many sides of Bali and the Balinese culture.

I’m hanging out for a few more days at a different hotel in Ubud before heading on a long journey back to North America.

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