Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Bequia (pop. 5000) is an island off the coast of St. Vincent, near posh Mustique,  and is the largest island in the the Grenadines. As soon as we made it to shore, Mom and I hopped into a water taxi for $4 each and puttered over to Princess Margaret Beach for some sunbathing and swimming. The water here is just lovely-clear, blue, and warm-ish.

IMG_9418 (2)

Any place that has 2 local beers for $5 is going to be a winner!

IMG_9420 (2)

The soft sand made for some good beach walking and led me to the arch in the rocks.

IMG_9431 (2)

Looking out into Admiralty Bay where all the sailboats, catamarans, and yachts dock from around the world. It was neat to see so many people sailing the Caribbean.

IMG_9432 (2)

Princess Margaret Beach is not too far from a lot of restaurants and shopping so we walked to Mac’s Pizza for some lunch and shade. Caribbean sun is hot!

IMG_9425 (2)

Sand crab:

IMG_9435 (2)

Mac’s Pizza is known for their lobster pizza! Yes! I like lobster on anything- sandwiches, salad, soup, donuts (I kid! Although that might be tasty), so I knew I’d like it on pizza too. Mom and I split this lobster-amazingness and devoured it along with some much needed water and Diet Coke for hydration.

IMG_9438 (2)

Nice views with yummy pizza:


Unfortunately on a Sunday on a small, lazy Caribbean island means that a lot of shops and services are closed. We meandered along the water checking out our real estate options until I felt myself getting sunburned.

IMG_9441 (2)

A purple and pink house overlooking the ocean, not to far from the beach- my dream house does exist!

IMG_9445 (2)

I’m not sure I’ll ever be back to Bequia- unless my winning Powerball ticket dream comes true and a new yacht is in my future- but it was a fun little day relaxing in the sun and sand. And of course this will always be known as the island of lobster pizza for me!

Reader Question: Seafood on pizza? Fun to try or no way?

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3 Responses

  1. What a pretty place and a fun way to see it! I love that house too!

  2. The crab is beautifully white. The pizza in your photo looks so yummy, Andrea.

  3. Therie says:

    That pizza is mouth-watering and that pink-purple house by the beach looks out-of-place but still very cute! Thanks for sharing.

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