Best of Spain- your Southern Spain itinerary


It is time for a wrap-up post about all things Spain.  I had a really great time on this trip and would recommend it highly.  I went with Intrepid, a group travel company, a good option for those who don’t want to go alone. Here is the my best of Spain- a Southern Spain itinerary with spots that you should not miss.

Best stop:  Ronda



I had never heard of Ronda before.  Most people come to Ronda as a day trip from Malaga but I would recommend at least 2 nights here. One day you must go hiking down in the valley.  It is a chill town where you can relax after sightseeing non-stop in Seville, Madrid, or Barcelona.

SpainRondo 020

Best stop to get to Gibraltar or Morocco:  Tarifa


Tarifa reminded me of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware without all the binge day drinking.  It is a relaxed, party town, with a nice beach (although super windy).  But it is a good stop to explore somewhere new (by taking the ferries) to places like Morocco or Gibraltar.  I am not in love with either Morocco or Gibraltar but a more in depth visit to Morocco is probably (hopefully!) a lot better than my experience on this trip.


Plus, Tarifa has the best mojito I’ve ever had.


Best Big City:  Barcelona


Honestly the only reason why I think you need to go to Barcelona on my Best of Spain- Southern Spain itinerary is to see La Sagrada Familia and possibly fly in and out of Spain.  Barcelona is a pretty great city but I much preferred the smaller cities and towns on this trip.


Best Medium City:  Seville


Seville is a definite stop to make as well.  The Flamenco show was great!


We were there during fair time so a lot of the stores and restaurants were not open.


It does get very hot in Seville so maybe a spring or fall trip to Spain would be better than in the middle of summer.  I was hot in April.


The other places:

I liked Valencia, Cordoba, and Granada and I think you need to see what they have to offer (Alhambra in Granada, Mesquita in Cordoba, and the Grail, severed arm, and Science Center in Valencia) but if there was a way to just do a day trip or only one night in each place I would recommend that and spend more time in Ronda and Seville.  Spain has high speed railways between big cities and some medium distance trains that are pretty quick.  Buses here are also easy and clean to use.  I prefer train but would totally take the bus if the train fares were much higher in cost.

The moral of the story is:  Go to Spain!  You will love the architecture, food, weather (mostly), outdoor activities, culture, and sights.

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