Birthday Fun and Not So Fun

My birthday was one to remember, not so much that it was a milestone birthday but more how the night ended. Everything started out normal with cupcakes at work. I ate two (strawberry and orange) and even with the sugar rush was very happy- they were awesome! Thanks Courtney!

IMG_9018 (1)

After work BC and I went to Parts and Labor, half butchery, half restaurant, and 100% hipster. The food was awesome! I had a peach old fashioned which was amazing! Since it was a butchery we pretty much just ate meat. Chicken wings to start,

Parts and Labor chicken wings

Brown sugar short rib or my entrée.

Parts and Labor brown sugar short rib

BC ordered the giant ham hock which rocked and was just crazy huge! But when the ham hock first brought it out it was not quite done right so our waiter brought us another short rib entrée plus some charcuterie to munch on while we waited.

The food we didn’t order but ate all of:

Parts and Labor charcuterie

By the time the giant ham hock came back, I was pretty much in a meat coma. Oh yeah, we ordered some grits too. Holy meat Batman.

Parts and Labor ham hock

Dessert was some ice cream and a peach old fashioned. I’m more into booze than dessert so the peach old fashioned was just what I wanted. I seriously have not eaten meat since this meal at Parts and Labor- need vegetables!

Parts and Labor homemade ice cream

The Birthday Bowling Challenged commenced after our Parts and Labor dinner in a  different part of town. BC beat me the first game- he’s never beaten me before! and on my birthday? how rude Smile But I wiped the floor with him the 2nd and 3rd games.

Alien socks from UFO museum in Roswell, NM not included in shoe rental:

IMG_9035 (2)

It was such a fun night and just what I wanted to do on a weeknight birthday. But the excitement wasn’t over yet.


At 1am I awoke to some noise outside our house, shortly after our neighbor started pounding on our front door. Some drunk guy smashed into BC’s van and totaled it right in front of our house. The drunk guy ran after hitting BC’s car but was chased down by some passersby and was promptly arrested. I came outside in my jammies and coat to see the damage but was super confused- where was that guy’s 4th tire?


Some on-lookers informed me that BC was the 4th car that was hit, there were two more totaled cars around the corner. So we went to check them out and yep, sure enough, there was the drunk guy’s 4th tire.

IMG_9043 (2)

How do you drive on 3 wheels for at least the length of a football field??? In all, there were 4 totaled cars, and 2 others that were hit. It was a not-so-fun and exciting end to my birthday night. I was a little bit sleepy at work the next day!

Car accident photo

Reader Question: Any crazy birthday stories? I’ll always remember this one as the night I was outside talking to the neighbors and police in my jammies!

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2 Responses

  1. Oh my!!! What a terrible thing to happen! So glad they caught the guy!
    Glad the rest of the birthday was good– happy birthday!!!

  2. Chaitali says:

    That sounds like a great birthday until the drunk driver incident! How did he even manage that? Hopefully no one was hurt.

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