Bled, Slovenia

Bled (pronounced Blade) is a lake resort town in Slovenia.  It has a giant lake in the center with a 3 mile walking path around it.  The walk was very pretty.  We climbed the giant hill to the castle and ate some of the desserts which were supposed to be famous. Slovenia4 001 We started off doing the walk around the lake. Slovenia3 017Slovenia3 011

Slovenia3 009 Slovenia3 014 The castle had a wine cellar where you could bottle your own wine.  I have a tiny suitcase so no wine for me.  Josh got some though.  He got to bottle it, cork it, and put wax on the bottle to seal it. Slovenia3 021 Slovenia3 029 Slovenia3 030

Caden helped cork and seal the bottle.  Such a good little helper.  Josh and I tested the wine before we bottled it and it wasn’t very good.  Oh well, it was definitely fun to bottle. Next, we ate some of the famous Slovenian desserts.  Take a pass on these.  All four of us, even Caden, didn’t really like either of them.  Cream slice on the left and something chocolate-y with cream on top in the right picture.  Cream in Europe is not whipped cream, there is virtually no sugar in it.

Slovenia3 033 Slovenia3 034

Our hotel in Bled was a lot nicer than the one in Ljubljana.  It even had a bidet.  Caden thought it was a sink.  ewwwwwwwww! Slovenia3 035 That is all from Bled, Slovenia. One more day of vacation left to post.  I’m flying back to Baltimore tomorrow morning.  I hope everyone has a good first day back at work after Memorial Day!

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