Boat trip to Saco de Mamanguá

It turns out that writing a travel blog in the time of Coronavirus is difficult to do. My last trip (to Brazil) coincided with the beginning of the stay-at-home orders in my home state of Maryland along with much of the United States. A few months later, I can report that jam packed January, February, and March 2020 travel schedule was a gift.


Paraty is a colonial town along the coastline of Brazil.  I loved visiting the great architecture, cute shops, fun cocktails, and great restaurants in Paraty. But getting out of Paraty was one of the best days I had in Brazil. Three of my new friends and I took a small boat (about 10 people total) and jetted to different beaches and islands only accessible by boat along the Saco de Mamanguá

20200311_091420 (2)

Saco de Mamanguá  is a tropical fjord along the Ilha Grande Bay. It did remind me a bit of Norway or Alaska but tropical (way, way hotter and with palm trees!)

20200311_102642 (2)

Our boat with Paraty Tours took us to two different white beaches with soft sand and clear water for some snorkeling. The fish were really great at the first one .


Our last boat stop was to a tiny island with quite an uphill hike. The hike was essential to get some views overlooking the scenic fjord. These were the best views of the day!


It also felt like 100 degrees with a lot of humidity so we only stayed in the sun for a few moments before taking refuge in the shady trees.


Somehow we still managed to get quite sunburned despite the layers and layers of sunscreen we applied.

As far as gorgeous nature, Saco de Mamanguá is an immense Shangri-la. So few people (and boats), so much to take in. If you are ever in adorable Paraty, make a daytrip to the tropical fjords for some snorkeling and sunbathing.

My favorite photo of the day:


The whole trip was about 4 hours, perfect for not getting up too early and getting home in time for a nice siesta which is essential when it is this hot outside. There is also a big boat with up to 40 or 50 people that is an all day trip. Two friends did that one and were very, very sunburned and worn out by the end.  My advice: take the small, fast boat (albeit a little more expensive).


While no one is traveling to Brazil at the time of this writing, keep Paraty on your vacation radar in the upcoming years when this pandemic is a thing of the past.

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