BOBBY Q and Most Wanted Taco Shop Phoenix

I’ve been exploring Phoenix’s food scene with a lot of gusto the past few days. My city, Baltimore, has some great food but they are lacking in Mexican, Southwest, and BBQ cuisine. It is perfect that my sisters lives in Phoenix so I can come here and eat Smile The two restaurants I am going to share with you have been the favorites since I arrived- Bobby Q (what a great name!) and Most Wanted Taco Shop.

Bobby Q Cornbread

Bobby Q was a lot nicer on the inside that what we thought it was going to be. The patio was perfect on this 72 degree day. Cornbread arrived first and everyone at the table loved it.

This little one had her first taste of cornbread and loved it.

Bobby Q with the family

The brisket with coleslaw was my choice for lunch. The brisket did not disappoint- it was super tender and smoky. I thought it was a small portion at first and then had trouble eating it all.  Bobby Q puts a little BBQ sauce on top but I loved their sauce so I added some more. The coleslaw was just average although I loved the addition of pecans on top!

Bobby Q Brisket and Pecan Coleslaw

My sister went with the pulled pork with mac and cheese. She loved them both! I tried her mac and cheese and it was so rich, creamy, and delicious. A total fat and calorie bomb that is so worth it.

Bobby Q Pulled Pork and Mac and Cheese

Aly, fresh from swimming lessons, had the mac and cheese too (it came with really good shoestring French fries) but hardly ate anything because she devoured most of the cornbread.

Bobby Q outdoor patio

We took the mac and cheese home and ate it for dinner Smile

Bobby Q was listed in the Top 100 restaurants in the US on Yelp– that is quite the honor considering all the restaurants in all the United States. There is one more in Phoenix that is on the list as well that I am dying to try- maybe next trip!

Yesterday’s lunch stop isn’t quite as well known as Bobby Q but still is pretty popular. I also found Most Wanted Taco Shop on Yelp and it is sort of by a Super Target- I love a good Super Target.

Most Wanted Taco Shop Fish tacos

Unfortunately everyone who was in line with us at Most Wanted Taco Shop knew exactly what they wanted so the guy was kind of brisk with us as we were a bit slower. I ended up ordering 3 fish tacos with all the fixings. Oh yes, they were delicious!

My sister had the pork tacos with only a few fixings- boring! She loved them.

Most Wanted Taco Shop pork tacos

Aly had a quesadilla that was as big as her head. She ate about half of them and both my sister and I just had to sample all that cheesy goodness as well.

Most Wanted Taco Shop cheese quesadilla

Note to self: the Taco Salad looked really amazing! They also had burritos and enchiladas that were huge.

Most Wanted Taco Shop will definitely be on my list to return to on another Phoenix trip! I’ll be a little more prepared to order this time.

Reader Question: Fish tacos- yay or nay?

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