Bodega Bay, California

I’m writing about my California trip a little bit out of order. Healdsburg and wine country was the last thing I did before flying home to Baltimore while my conference in San Francisco was the 2nd leg of the trip. The first leg of the journey was driving up the CA-1 in our Jucy campervan.

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We decided to rent a Jucy van again because we had such an amazing experience last year when we rented one for a month and drove out West to 7 states and 12 national parks- it was an epic adventure! This time we rented ol’ Bertha (BC decided to name her this) for 5 days and go to Yosemite.

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Unfortunately wildfires prevented us from seeing Yosemite (so sad!) as they had to evacuate our campground for 2 days that we were supposed to arrive. On our Southwest flight to Oakland, I purchased WIFI and the campground informed us that we needed to be looking for plan B.  Quickly I Googled other options in California and decided on driving up the coast to Crescent City near the California/Oregon border. once we picked up our Jucy.


In all fairness I already had driven about 40 miles of the coast before so I knew exactly where to start- Bodega Bay!


BC had never been in the Pacific Ocean despite having visited California a few times so we immediately took off his shoes and wading in.  It was freezing and really windy!

One of my best friends, Mariah, and her husband told me about a place in Marshall- a tiny blink and you miss it town- to stop and get oysters and other delectable delights. The Marshall Store is widely known in this area and the place to go.

Happy in the wind with my oysters:


We ordered a dozen raw oysters because they were on special- really I think they were about to close and had a few left to give us for free.  And we split a big bowl of amazing clam chowder.


Notice the awesome Space Camp shirt I bought him in Alabama in May.


The Marshall Store has quite the view with your tasty bites


Our table neighbors had ordered oyster bruschetta with smoked oysters, oysters Rockefeller, and some more amazing dishes.  We definitely started and their food and drooled while it was being served.  They must have noticed because when they didn’t finish even half of their food they offered it to us as they were “too full”- these people were nuts. Smoked oyster bruschetta is my new jam. Love! And yes we totally took food from a stranger Smile

IMG_0238 (2)

As we drove on to find out KOA campground in the tiny town of Manchester, we managed to keep a store open past their closing time to buy wine and snacks- the dinner of champions. Sitting around a campfire with crackers, cheese, wine, and my Kindle makes me happy.

IMG_0239 (2)

Reader Question: What do you like to go with your campfires: wine, marshmallows, hot dogs?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Beautiful! I’ve never really driven along the California coast and I’d love to do that.

  2. Mariah says:

    A shout out! Man I love this part of the universe!

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