Breezing through Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has a nice, big airport making it a good meeting up point for tour groups.  Other than that it is a big, dirty city and was not my favorite destination.

Bangkok Dirty

Houses along the canal.

Bangkok dirty 2

We rode on a long boat around Bangkok because the traffic is so bad you can’t cab or tuk tuk very quickly.  And we were short on time because we had to catch a bus out of Bangkok in the early afternoon.

Bangkok long boatBangkokboat

We rode around and saw some cool stuff.


Ginormous lizard!!!


We ended up at Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha and temples

Bangkokwatpo2  Bangkokrecliningbuddha

Buddha was like 50 meters long.  A really, really big Buddha


These are Buddha’s feet which are made of mother of pearl.  I though it was a little strange because feet in Buddhism are considered dirty and but his were very nice.


Lots of Buddhas


Main alter


More of the Wat Po complex

After Wat Po were were late for our bus.  Too bad we didn’t miss it, it was an interesting ride.  We took public transport to Sukhothai which is normally a 5 hour ride but took us 7 1/2. They oversold the bus so one person had to sit on the stairs the whole time (not me)- fun!  For bus entertainment we got to watch Spiderman in Thai- never saw it in English but I think I liked it 🙂  After Spiderman was 3 hours of Monks chanting in Thai with the volume turned up very loud.  It was hilariously awful.  Me and my seatmate giggled for an hour of it.


The monks started out so stoic and peaceful.  But then they got into their chanting and this one turned into a Britney Spears wanna-be with finger pointing and head rolling.Bangkokmonkidol2

I refer to the video now as Monk Idol.

We also saw Beyonce the chicken’s great granddad.  If you’ve never read Beyonce the chicken blog post, google it and read it- great stuff.


Like I said the bus ride took forever, I had to take pictures of something!

We finally made it to Sukhothai.  Nothing like dinner at 10pm. Spicy shrimp soup for me.  Yum!


Bike riding is on the agenda for tomorrow.  Hoping for dry weather!

Question:  After you read the Beyonce the chicken blog post, what did you think?  Towels or Beyonce? 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. courtney says:

    Yay for the Beyonce story! And for road trip memories…the only thing funnier than reading it is watching someone else read it. 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Beyoncé!!! Aahhh I had no idea. I just lost 2 hours ;). The towels are great but travel Beyoncé the teaching tool, that takes the cake. 🙂
    Monk idol sounds pretty hilarious too.
    What do the symbols on sleep buddha’s feet mean?

  1. September 25, 2014

    […] up we are heading on a bus from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok.  It is a 10 hour ride give or take- blah.  But at the end of the 10 hour bus ride is a 30 hour […]

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