Bubbly and My Favorite Pinot Noir, A Napa Valley Morning

After a full day of wine tasting in Sonoma Valley most people would be sick of wine tasting.  Not us!  The crew was ready to wine taste through Napa Valley.


The decision to change it up and visit a champagne vineyard was the idea of our driver.  He exclusively drives visitors through Napa on wine tours. Mumm Napa was in the area of Napa where we wanted to taste so the driver suggested it.  He assured us they would be fine with no reservations since it was only 10:30 am.  Boy was he wrong!  The hostess and her assistant were downright rude.  Eventually they led us to a stand up table but refused us a tasting and would only sell by the glass.  We rolled with the punches and ended up with a variety of flavors that we passed around the table.


I ordered the rose which was only okay. The best was one of the dry whites.  My advice: get a reservation or skip this place altogether.


(*Of note: our waitress was friendly and knowledgeable, it was just the hostess and the cashiers that were less than pleasant


The crew was happy to leave Mumm Napa and explore some more.  Next up was Frogs Leap Winery.  The wine was so-so but the scenery was great.  There were a lot of tables to sit at and drink your tastes while soaking up some sunshine.

The mustard greens and plants growing between the vines makes for some colorful and beautiful fields:


The farmhouse and barn had pourers inside so the crowd of people was spread out giving each patron some room to move.  Frogs Leap definitely encouraged guests to stay a while and take their time going through the tastings.  Dawn had a fail and ended up with foliage in her glass Smile


We decided to have one more wine stop before lunch which was probably not the best decision.  Bad decisions make good stories! And in this case, they lead you to the best winery of the trip.  Hello Cliff Lede Winery!


Cliff Lede has quite a few good red wines that I enjoyed.  My favorite of the day, trip, and possibly of my life is their Pinot Noir.  The group ended up with 3 bottles of Pinot in total and 1 bottle of white (not my favorite, I have no idea which kind).


Photo by Dawn

The group in action:


I heart Cliff Lede Winery!  This is definitely the place I recommend and I will return myself when I return to Napa Valley.


More from Napa Valley coming up next!

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    Fun! And I like the new blog look. 🙂

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