A Day in Budapest

Budapest2 050

My time in Budapest is short but this day in Budapest was a relaxing one. I ended up walking about 6 miles- not too shabby.  Most of the day I spent relaxing at the Szechenyi Baths.You will feel a little weird when you get there but once you are used to the old men in speedos and old ladies in bikinis that shouldn’t be, it’s no big deal. The Las Vegas pool scene this is not!

Budapest2 046

There are different pools here to meet everyones needs. This is the hot pool.  I would guess the temperature was around 90 degrees.  It was lovely!  I only hung out in this pool.

Budapest2 047

This is the cold pool.  Note the lack of people.  It was about 65 degrees.  brrrrr.  There were fitness rooms, massage, and saunas at these baths but I was cool laying out by the hot pool for a few hours.

Budapest2 034

After the baths I did some Where’s Waldo hunting and had a late lunch.  But then I spilled my deliciously messy gyro on my skirt and had to go home and change.  Lunch fail.

Afternoon sightseeing included:

Budapest2 044

Vajdahunyad Castle which was made out of cardboard first in 1896 but they liked it so much they made it for real in 1908.  Strange but true.

Budapest2 037

The cool Opera House aka Magyar Állami Operaház.

Budapest2 038

Inside.  I was very close to buying a cheap opera ticket for tonight but I figured BC would be super jealous and never speak to me again for going to the opera without him 🙂

Budapest2 042

Hero’s square was a favorite stop of mine.  I had a random old couple take a picture of me here but just like my grandmother, they chopped off the whole statue in the middle and the top of the side pillars too.  My grandma used to take pictures of my brother, sister, and I with no heads because she would put the camera down too quick.  Her headless grandchildren.

Budapest2 039

Then I stumbled upon this.  Hello old profession!  I sort of miss you, yet I’m coping 🙂

Budapest2 040

Clearly this is a one company practice!

Budapest2 049

Next I ran into a wedding in the most beautiful church I saw yesterday, St. Stephen’s Basilica.  Unfortunately the bride chose these bridesmaid dresses.  They were even more “interesting” in person.  All that tulle and a corset back too!

Budapest2 048


Budapest2 051

Then I was tired and had some wine at an amazing wine bar called DiVino.  Hungarian wine is pretty good- I was pleasantly surprised since I have never had any before.  Good work Hungary!

I do have to say that everyone in Budapest has been very friendly, courteous to the lost tourists like me, and they all have spoken some English (a plus for the non-Hungarian speaker).

Tomorrow I’m off bright and early to Italy- Milan and then onto Cinqueterre.  A bus to a plane to a train to another train.  So pretty much I’m going to get lost in Italy tomorrow.  Good thing that is the language I sort of speak.  Lots of carbohydrate based posts coming soon.


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7 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    YAY! Loving the updates…and pictures!

  2. Courtney says:

    Oh, Cochlear. You just can’t escape! Maybe it’s a sign. 🙂

  3. I will love to visit Budapest. Is at the top of must visit cities in Europe. I have heard the food is good. What are your thoughts on that?

  4. Lexie says:

    I cannot even wait to get to Budapest! It’s been the dream for so long and I think I’ll finally be able to go this Fall! How long was your stay in Budapest?

  5. Budapest is definitely on my Europe list for one of future trips. It is gorgeous, and- I love trying therapeutic baths in different countries!

  6. All those Waldo’s had me laughing. I wonder why they are all dressed like that. Perhaps the bridesmaid dresses are the height of Hungarian fashion? That cardboard-turned-real castle story is interesting. My hubby goes to Budapest twice a year on business and usually has a free weekend to walk around. On the other hand, I have never been. He’s not big into taking photos, so I’m glad to look at yours.

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