Buffalo Jam and More at Yellowstone

When we woke up from a deep and chilly slumber at Yellowstone National Park, we set off to finish to see more of the gigantic national park. It was a short drive to Lower Geyser Basin so we looked at some of the hot pools,

Sapphire Pool:

IMG_7306 (2)

and their brilliant colors,

IMG_7313 (2)

and took a 1.1 mile (one way) hike to Mystic Falls. The hike was an easy get-the-blood-flowing walk with only a few hills.  But of course once we were close to the falls and the turn-around point, it started pouring rain on us.  Oops! I guess we were going to get wet!

IMG_8707 (2)

We hustled back to the car and drove on to Norris to see more geysers (some of them were really stinky!) and hike a bit more.

IMG_7322 (2)

BC was really geysered out at this point and I was starving. We stopped at Canyon Village for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich at the diner there and made plans to finish up the rest of the park.

IMG_7325 (2)

My most favorite spot in Yellowstone is Artists Point close to Canyon Village.  It is part of the Grand Canyon of Yellowtone which is just gorgeous.

IMG_8718 (2)

Last time I came to Yellowstone I hiked all these trails but we were short on nice weather so we walked to Artists Point, the most photogenic place I’ve ever been. No matter what photo you take, in whatever light, with any camera,  it will still be an amazing photo.


On our way towards Lewis Lake, our hopeful campsite of the night, we hit a buffalo jam. This herd of buffalo decided to cross in front of us twice and then walk in the road. They were a little scary they walked up to the car so close!

IMG_8726 (2)

Maybe 15 minutes later an ambulance came through and it’s siren moved them along.


IMG_7321 (2)

You can’t visit Yellowstone without at least one buffalo caused traffic jam!

We are off the Grand Teton National Park next! More exciting adventures to come!

Reader question: Have you been to Yellowstone National Park? Is it on your list?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, those Artist’s Point photos are amazing! And I had never heard of a buffalo jam before. That’s cool you got to see them so close up.

  2. WOOW! Those Buffalo!!! And the colors of the springs and mountains. So gorgeous. Glad you had a good time.

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