Café Du Monde and Court of Two Sisters

Today will be known as as the Day of Food on this New Orleans trip.  The morning started off at Café du Monde right off Jackson Square and the Mississippi River.  The line to sit was huge so we walked behind the restaurant to the take-out line.

NOLA Cafe Du Monde take out line

The take-out line allows you to order coffee, beignets, beignet mix, and soda- which is perfect.

NOLA Cafe Du Monde menu

A word of warning: the coffee is the chicory kind so it is super-strong.  I ended up with my own order of beignets (they come in threes).

NOLA Cafe Du Monde bag

One order is definitely enough for two people- the fried dough cakes covered in powered sugar are very rich and delicious so one or two is plenty.

NOLA Cafe Du Monde beignets

I finished 2 of my 3 and felt slightly ill- yay for a sugar high first thing in the morning.  We ate our beignets sitting on a bench overlooking Jackson Square and the Mississippi- it was perfect.

NOLA Jackson square horse carriages

We walked along the Mississippi and into a few stores to work off the sugar high and to get us ready for a delicious brunch at the famous Court of Two Sisters in the French Quarter.

NOLA Mississippi

The All-You-Can-Eat brunch is served until 2pm and has so much Southern deliciousness on it.  My favorites from the buffet were the crawfish stuffing, turtle soup, and pecan pie.

NOLA Court of Two sisters

I had pork ribs, eggs benedict, salad, sweet potatoes, shrimp etouffee, turtle soup and more– any Southern delicacy you can think of eating.  You really can’t try everything in once sitting there is so much.  But is was delicious- especially the pecan pie!

NOLA Court of Two Sisters food plate

Besides the food, the restaurant itself it very cool.  You sit out in the courtyard that has a tree canopy helping to keep things cool.  It was a gorgeous day when we had brunch, couldn’t have been more perfect.

NOLA Court of Two sisters brunch

I highly recommended coming to the Court of Two Sisters for their $29 brunch but try going on a different day than you go to Café du Monde.  We didn’t end up eating dinner this night because we didn’t need it.

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