The Ritz Carlton Cancun in September

Hello from Cancun, Mexico!  Cancun in September is a little on the warm side, it is hurricane season, and children just went back to school so hardly anyone is here!  My flight on Southwest was 2/3 full (a new nonstop flight!) and our hotel is maybe 1/8th full.

Cancun in September

Speaking of our hotel, the Ritz Carlton Cancun is spectacular!  We got a great deal (probably because no one is in Cancun) so this is our home for the next 8 days!

Ritz Carlton Cancun welcome drink

On arrival I was offered a delicious tequila and juice drink which was tasty and then came the welcome guacamole and Dos Equis on ice in the room!  Best welcome to a hotel ever!

Ritz Carlton Cancun Welcome Guacamole beer

Especially because it was past lunch time and I hadn’t eaten yet.

A double room at the Ritz Carlton Cancun:

Ritz Carlton Cancun double room

The room was supposed to be an ocean view room.  I wouldn’t call it ocean view but it has a great balcony overlooking the pool. A great book reading location I think.

Ritz Carlton Cancun balcony

The awesome bathroom with separate bathtub, shower, and toilet stall (which I could not all fit in the picture because it is so big):

Ritz Carlton Cancun bathroom

After some pool time,  beach time, and sunburn for me,

Ritz Carlton Cancun pool

Cancun in September cloudy skies

There was a small monsoon this afternoon. Rainy season is going on in Cancun in September for sure.  It only lasted an hour or so which was perfect for showering and getting ready to go to dinner.

Cancun in September monsoon

Overall it was a great beginning to our Cancun Trip.Tomorrow I plan on evening out my sunburn and eating a lot of tacos! Two very good Mexican vacation goals.

Ritz Carlton Cancun beach

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