Cancun is Shaped like a 7 and More Beach Time


Today was all about sunburns and tacos- a good combination for a fun vacation.  My sunburn is actually quite minimal considering the amount of time we spent on the beach and in the pool today.

Cancun beach 3

Mom and I woke up bright and early ready to hit the waves.  It is hot and humid here so jumping in the waves was the first order of business.  I have been to many, many beaches around the world, on many different continents and Cancun has one of the best.  There is soft white sand, no rocks, warm turquoise water, and waves that are not too big, not too small.

Mom waving from her beach chair: (notice the lack of people- I love it!)

Cancun beach mom

It got very warm around lunch time and we were not about to pay $20 for a hamburger at the Ritz Carlton so we took the $1 bus (or 9.50 pesos) into town to eat some tacos.

Cancun Taco toppings

View from the taco place:


The restaurant had a woman making fresh corn tortillas right by our table which was fun.  And we had a giant fan blowing directly on us which made the whole meal bearable.

I had a pork, fish, and shrimp tacos (one of each), mom had chicken and fish.


Right after we finished eating a monsoon rolled in so Mom forced me inside a cheap Mexican souvenir store so we wouldn’t get soaked.


She happily shopped and I took photos of weird things.  An entire display of painted ceramic skulls:


Cancun’s hotel zone is shaped like a “7” with water on both sides.  There is one road going through the 7 making the $1 bus the easiest bus system in the world to get around on.  Plus the drivers are nice and will drop you off at the right stop if you tell them the hotel/restaurant you are trying to reach.  They drive like crazy people in rush hour so hold on!

From the stem of the “7” looking toward the point:

Cancun hotel zone

The Ritz Carlton Cancun is on the middle of the stem of the 7.  That part of the 7 has my favorite stretch of beach which is why I try to stay around there whenever I’m in Cancun (I’ve stayed at the Golden Parranassus, Casa Magna, Fiesta Americana Condesa in this area).

Ritz Carlton beach 2

Back at the Ritz-Carlton the sun came out and we resumed sunburn time and floated in the pool to cool off..  When it was time for me to bow out of the sun I hit the gorgeous gym here for some miles on the treadmill to work off some of the delicious tacos.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi Andrea!
    Im glad you enjoyed the beach in Cancun. The Coral Beach hotel also has a great beach and is one of my favorites in Cancun, same style as Ritz and with awesome but pricey restaurants that are worth to try at least once specially the mexican restaurant. For the getaways with girls ME Cancun has amazing parties and night club all on another amazing beach section. I just don’t like that is all inclusive and that means average food as you know compared to when you provide your own wherever you choose. Hope to have you back again soon! your new friend from TBEX !!

  1. January 10, 2015

    […] Mexico and the Caribbean.  It includes flight + hotel and transfers to the hotel.  I’ve booked Mexico many times and Aruba this way.  They also have deals where you choose the quality of hotel you […]

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