Rainy Oregon Coast- Cape Meares State Park, Newport, and Florence

After spending a lovely night in Manzanita, Oregon we hopped in the car bright and early to head to Three Cape Scenic Route.  To get to the loop we had to drive through Tillamook- the home of Tillamook Cheese.  They have a factory tour/tasting I would have definitely taken but it was 9am and we were trying to beat the rain.

Cape Meares Sign

We made it to Cape Meares before the all-day rain started.  The lighthouse  is closed to the public most of the time except for a few limited tours during the summer.

Cape Meares Lighthouse

The Three Cape Scenic Route (Cape Lookout, Cape Kiwanda and Cape Meares) was partially closed so it was less awesome than I was expecting and the rain made it impossible to see any grand views today.

Capes Meares State Park

About a quarter mile past the parking lot at Cape Meares State Park is the Octopus Tree. The Octopus Tree has no main trunk but a lot of tentacle-like trunks making it look like an octopus.

Octopus Tree Cape Meares State Park

The Octopus Tree is about 300 years old and looks awesome in person!

Cape Meares State Park Octopus Tree

The rest of the drive around Three Capes Scenic Route was lackluster.  We drove all the way to Newport, Oregon for lunch because I wanted some delicious Oregon brewed beer.

The Rogue Brewpub on the Old Bayfront area of Newport was a perfect rainy day lunch stop.  We got a shot of beer to start, I ordered the pumpkin brew to go with my lunch.

Rogue Public House IPA

Both beers were excellent.

Rogue Pumpkin Beer

Mom ordered clam strips and I got the crab seafood melt. Across the street are all the fisherman selling their catches at the seafood market so the seafood was really, really fresh.

Rogue Public House clam chowder

The star was the clam chowder Mom ordered.  It was the best we had on the trip so far.

Rogue Public House Clam StripsRogue Public House Crab Seafood Melt

The only problem with the meals so far in Oregon is that French fries are in abundance.  They come with everything and they give you 3 potatoes worth.  Mom and I ate all our real food but hardly dented the pile of fries.

Rogue Public House leftover fries

The strangest thing about the Rogue Brew Pub was the bathroom.  These were the signs.

Rogue Public House BarleysRogue Public House Hops

Which would you choose?  People trying to be cute with bathrooms annoys me a bit.  Really though- barley and hops?  Which is feminine/masculine?  Luckily I just stood there and stared for long enough that a local woman sitting at the bar took pity on me and helped me choose correctly when I looked around bewildered.  Women= barley.  Men=hops.  Now you know.

Florence signs

The rest of the day we spent driving to Florence, Oregon, checking into our hotel and finding a nice dinner. All things were a success!

Florence, Oregon Pier

It finally stopped raining around 6pm so we wandered over the the Florence waterfront to shop and eat.  The Waterfront Depot was the best rated on Yelp and recommended in Mom’s guidebook so we decided to try it out.  It was completely booked so we sat at the bar and had the best service I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

Florence Oregon Waterfront Depot Menu

Florence Oregon Waterfront Depot

I ended up with the grilled scallop pasta and mom had the shrimp tempura.  Again with the delicious seafood.

Waterfront Depot Grilled Scallop pastaWaterfront Depot Shrimp Tempura

I’m officially eating nothing but vegetables tomorrow! Smile  Yeah right, I’m sure there is seafood in my future again.  The Oregon Sand Dunes are coming up next.

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