Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a 20 minute free shuttle ride outside of downtown Vancouver. With an admission cost near $50, luckily the shuttle to and from the Capilano Suspension Bridge is free.

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Very crowded with tourists the day I visited, the bridge was a zoo for about half of my visit. I visited later in the day when crowds are supposed to be less plus there was the threat of rain that helped clear some people out.

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The suspension bridge is really neat and the views are pretty. If you don’t like heights definitely avoid this whole place. Looking down into the river below is not for the faint of heart, especially when you are being jostled around by the bridge and the other tourists.

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Once across the Capilano Suspension Bridge there is a lovely little nature walk describing the trees and animals found in the area. But my favorite part was the suspension walk up in the trees. I pretended like it my big tree house.

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The suspension bridge from the nature walk:

20180601_160937 (2)

The way back:

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The free shuttle picks you up and drops you off at Canada Place in Downtown Vancouver.  Canada Place is quite the bustling area because this is the port of embarkation/disembarkation for all cruise ships coming into and going out of Vancouver. This is where we are getting on our Alaska cruise tomorrow! At Universal Studios, there is an E.T. ride where you get to soar over the land and Canada has taken that concept and changed it to view all the different landscapes Canada offers. It’s name is Flyover Canada.  Mom had her eyes closed the whole time but I loved it!

20180531_143113 (2)

After skipping dinner the night before, we were very ready for an amazing brunch. Jam Café was the highest rated on both Google and Yelp and was not too far away from the Hotel Blu. Unfortunately the line was huge and we ended up waiting about 70 minutes to be seated. However, it was so worth the wait.

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Mom ordered brioche French toast with baked apples. I am not usually a sweet breakfast person but this was amazing. I almost had order envy except that mine was fantastic as well. I ordered the biscuit sandwich with beautiful scrambled eggs with cheddar, sugar bacon, tomato jam on an awesome biscuit. I had to eat it open faced since it was too huge to bite into. It was an epic brunch.

20180602_103412 (2)

My time in Vancouver has come to an end but Mom and I are embarking on an Alaskan cruise up to Juneau for the next 10 days.  Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    The views from the bridge look amazing but that is a lot of people!

  2. Megan says:

    Pass on that bridge…way too high and crowded for me!!

  3. Beautiful! I’ve never been on a bridge like that- time to go to Vancouver! Isn’t brunch the best?

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