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Category: Africa

Abu Simbel, Egypt

Of all the places I visited in Egypt on this trip, Abu Simbel was the stand-out highlight. You don’t hear much about Abu Simbel but it is worthy of coming to Egypt itself. The temple complex itself is made up of two separate temples- one for Ramses ii and one for his favorite wife Nefertari (not to be confused with Nefertiti). Abu Simbel was build in 1244 BC and eventually the sands covered the magnificent structures. They were rediscovered again in the 1800s. Both temples were actually moved to their current location in the 1960s after the Aswan High Dam Read More

Boat ride to Philae Temple- Aswan

Not exactly bright-eyed and full of energy at 4am, I still managed to keep myself awake long enough to get on the plane from Cairo to Aswan. Even the airport coffee shops were not open yet as a 2am wake-up call, 1 hour drive to the airport, check-in and security check made me long for a nice airplane nap. The flight from Cairo to Aswan was a little over an hour and I made the best use of my time in the air completely zonked. Obviously 6am is way to early to check into a hotel, so my group made Read More