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My Year of Reading- 2017

My year of reading “hard books” in 2017 included some classics like War and Peace, Sense and Sensibility, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Stephen King’s It. 2017 was a good year for reading. New Year’s Resolutions are not my thing. Pledging to lose the last ten pounds, save more money, or get a promotion at work are boring. If you aren’t excited about the start of the year, throw out the normal resolutions and try something new. I make lists- to-do lists- places to go and books to read. Every so often I check back in on my lists Read More

Summer 2016 Beach Reads

Summer 2016 has become a productive reading summer and it’s only half over.  If you need a good book to read in your beach lounger, look no further. Here are my Summer 2016 Beach Reads- a list made with my book club, the aptly named- Book Club for Busy Ladies. 1) You by Caroline Kepnes I was the first in the book club to discover this gem and what a creepy, thrilling gem it is. Everyone in the book club agrees that You is like being stuck watching a horror film that you cannot look away from. 2) North and Read More