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Category: Caribbean

Santiago de Cuba

Six days in Cuba, 3 cities, 1 milestone birthday (for my mom) and our Cuba trip is coming to an end. Santiago de Cuba is the last stop on this Cuba trip and it was a memorable one. We spend 2 days here and I managed to get kicked out of one church so I will always remember it. Santiago de Cuba is the second biggest city in Cuba and was really quite polluted. The air quality was so much worse than in Havana or Cienfuegos. The Battle of San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders during Read More

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Sometimes travel doesn’t go as planned and you roll with the punches or it ruins your day. Today in Cienfuegos was that kind of day. As an American in Cuba (at the moment) you have to have tour guides as you are not allowed to roam freely and must have People-to-People connections. Sometimes that works out because tour guides know the ins and outs of life in Cuba, interesting factoids, things not shown in the guidebooks, and are more than willing to share. Other times, being stuck with a guide and group really puts a damper on the day. On Read More