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Category: Caribbean

Plazas of Old Havana

The architecture in Havana is by far my favorite part about the city- Old Havana in particular. The walking tour I took today brought me to 4 famous plazas of Old Havana and a cigar, rum, and coffee tasting. Plaza de Armas has an old wooden street outside of the former Governor’s House. It has to be replaced every few years, so it is not exactly practical, but it was so much easier to walk on than the cobblestones. Rumor has it that the Governor’s wife disliked being woken up from her afternoon nap by horses’ hooves clattering on the Read More

Welcome to Havana

As an American, being able to visit Cuba has been a long-term goal that I never thought was going to be attainable. Luckily, recent political events have made it possible for American visitors again- although even more recent political events are making it more difficult again. Politics aside, if you can get to Cuba, make the effort! I am having an amazing time so far in Cuba and can’t wait to tell you all about some of my Havana adventures. We arrived in Havana on Good Friday. Cuba is well-known for having been a big Catholic stronghold in the Caribbean Read More