Caye Caulker, Belize


From Chetumal, Mexico we took a fast, crowded, hot speedboat over to San Pedro, Belize (1.5 hours) and then Caye Caulker (30 minutes after going through customs in San Pedro). Caye Caulker is more laid back and I think more famous (as I had heard of it and not San Pedro) of the islands that make up part of Belize. People come here for the amazing scuba diving and snorkeling.  They also speak English in Belize as their official language (there is some Spanish and a creole mixture spoken as well).


We arrived after dark after days of rain.  Caye Caulker did not make the best first impression as there were huge (and I mean huge) potholes in the roads with water filled to the brim.


Our golf cart taxi (no cars on this island) told us to hold our suitcases tightly while hanging onto something so we didn’t fall out.  We didn’t really need a taxi but our suitcases would have been soaking wet and muddy if we had drug them behind us.

Dinner was the priority and we ended up a cute place called Brisas del Mar.  I got some shrimp.  They were okay.


The beer in Belize is pretty tasty.  They serve it in small-ish bottles though (260mL). This is probably good because navigating those potholes were tricky.


The next morning was not much nicer weather-wise but was the road crews came out to fill in the holes.  Score!  We headed to the “beach” first thing.


The “beach” is a strip of sand at the end of the island.  You can swim by jumping into off the edge of the beach area.  I totally would have done this but it was pretty cold and windy.



The edge of Caye Caulker is not beach.  There are piers and some sandy areas with hammocks.  I love hammocks!


It is a good thing I love hammocks because all scuba and snorkeling trips were cancelled from all the tours operators that day due to the weather.  Lame!  It was our only day to do these activities too.  I guess I’ll have to come back again to see the underwater sights!.


More from Caye Caulker up next!

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