Charleston- Day 2


Hello from Charleston, South Carolina again!

SouthRoadtripCharleston 022

Courtney, Riley, and I did some porch swinging to start the day.

SouthRoadtripCharleston 025 SouthRoadtripCharleston 023

And wandered around a bit.

SouthRoadtripCharleston 020 SouthRoadtripCharleston 021 SouthRoadtripCharleston 033 SouthRoadtripCharleston 032

Those tiny black dots are crabs crawling around in the mud.

For happy hour we went to Pearlz on Bay St. for some cheap drinks and food specials.  Bay St. is a busy shopping and restaurant district with a lot of famous eating places.  Most were expensive and not appropriate for a baby so we ended up at Pearlz, a little less upscale but still fun.

SouthRoadtripCharleston2 004

Fried oysters and fish tacos for me.  Courtney had a crabcake because she wanted to compare Maryland style with southern style.  The only differences we noticed were the Southern style had more filler and spices than the Maryland style.  It was still good.  Also powdered sugar on corn fritters is the way to go!

SouthRoadtripCharleston2 002

Our hotel:

SouthRoadtripCharleston2 006

We stayed at The Mills House.  It was very nice (a 4 star) and in a perfect location (that’s how I pick my hotels), also a hotwire deal.  Hotwire was perfect for getting hotels midweek. We got switched from room to room due to plumbing issues and then upgraded to the fancy floor with free fountain soda.  Yes!  Courtney and I are both highly addicted to soda.

SouthRoadtripCharleston2 008

Another Washington Monument near our hotel.

SouthRoadtripCharleston2 007

Charleston had some really cool buildings and houses.  It was what I pictured when I think of southern homes and architecture.  My run along the water went by lots of cool houses- it made the run go really fast (even though my fried oysters and fish tacos were holding me back).

We are off on a long car ride to Cleveland, Georgia today. Courtney’s sister lives there and each sister is meeting their new niece or nephew .  It is time for some relaxing in the country.

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    […] and scarily, we got into an accident 20 minutes outside of Charleston, SC.  A car decided to try to beat the train and lost.  They didn’t tell us what happened to the […]

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