Charm City Wine Run 5K and more fun times from last week

Last week was  jam packed with fun activities. It has rained in Baltimore for 2 weeks straight, no joke, so everyone was extra festive when the sun came out a few times. On Tuesday, BC and I used my mom’s Christmas gift to him and picked our first crabs of the season at Ryleighs Oyster House in Federal Hill.


Crabs on Tuesday are $3 each and most other seafood is close to half off. We ordered 2 lbs of broiled shrimp (my fav!), oysters, and corn on the cob. It was the best meal (and the messiest meal), I’ve had in a long time.


BC is a happy guy!

IMG_6314 (2)

Thursday night was the charity event Bourbons and Bowties held at the Baltimore Museum of Industry by The QG- the spa where I had my amazing facial a few months ago. My friend works there and named dropped BC and his new side venture- Picture Yourselves Photo Booth. He was hired to work at Bourbons and Bowties so I was able to go as his assistant to the sold-out event.

Bourbon and Bowties

I was able to have a bunch of different bourbon and bourbon drinks along with some excellent food from area restaurants. Some amazing options included pork belly with grits, steak with lobster sauce, Maryland crab and squid ink pasta, and candied bacon.  Everyone had tons of fun in the photo booth. It was a hit!

IMG_6323 (2)

The very next night we were back at the Baltimore Museum of Industry for another charity event for the Hearing and Speech Agency. This one was work-related for me and again the food here was awesome. BC ate 10 mini-crab cakes- giant jumbo lump crab balls that were to-die-for. I had almost as many as him Smile

IMG_6322 (2)

We were so tired that we left an hour before the end time and crashed. I just couldn’t take wearing heels anymore!

Thank goodness, we had the sense to go to bed (somewhat) early as Saturday morning was a rocking good time! My friends and I decided to sign up for the Charm City Wine Run 5K a few blocks from home in the Inner Harbor. This run was part of a new wine festival- the 1st annual Baltimore Wine and Food Festival.

Charm City Wine Run 5K and Food Festival

We raced. I did fairly well considering the fun I had been having the past few nights. I got exactly 100th place overall and ran pretty fast. After the race though we were blown away by the festival. Usually runners get a terrible Michelob Ultra, banana, water, and then get hustled out. At the wine festival we received a tiny wine glass with our entry to the race and was able to fill up on craft beers, ciders, really delicious wine, mimosas, bloody mary’s, tequila, scotch, and more. It was awesome!!!

Charm City Wine Run 5K

My group of girls was shocked at the quality of the beer, wine, and more offered here for no extra charge. We have all decided that next year we are signing up for the run again- just so we can go to the festival! But next year we will eat first- all that free booze really hits you after a run, in the hot sun, with no food in your stomach. We will plan better next year! There were food trucks and I purchased some of the most amazing caramel corn ever (it has Old Bay on it) which shall be our first stop after running next time!

It was a super-fun week in the life of Andrea on Vacation even though I was home! Baltimore can be a lot of fun- especially when it is crab season and so many fun events.

Reader question: Did you do anything fun last week? Do you like having a jam-packed schedule? Want to run with me next year at the Charm City Wine Run 5K?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    The weeks of rain really has put a damper on spirits! That wine festival 5k sounds amazing 🙂 I’m going to have to look into that one for next year. Was there food available at the festival too?

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