Chicago-Style Pizza!


BC and I stayed at the Hilton Palmer House Chicago which was about 2 blocks from the parade route.  The drunken revelry of many Chicagoans continued on into the late afternoon and night so we ventured about a half mile away to Lou Malnati’s for some Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  I am a big Giardano’s fan but I wanted to try somewhere new and Lou Malnati’s is considered the best on many peoples’ deep dish lists.


We ordered the Lou’s special which is sausage and tomato sauce on a butter crust.  Every Chicagon knows that the sauce should go on the top!  Lou’s was good but I need a little bit more sauce on my Chicago-style pizza. Lou’s didn’t beat Giardano’s but it was an excellent choice for dinner.  BC said he wasn’t hungry but he still managed to snarf down a few slices.

The grand lobby ceiling at the Palmer House Hilton:


We wandered back to the hotel because we wanted to have a drink in the fancy bar lobby away from all the St. Patrick’s Day partiers.  I guess I’m getting old when after one green beer I’m over it.  There were still some colorful characters:


The Manhattan cocktail was very delicious.  We took in the sights and counseled a sad drunk girl who has a lousy boyfriend. All in all is was a fabulous Saturday!


After the conference ended on Sunday we made our way out to the suburbs to see my friend Christina.  Of course I suggested that we should order pizza for dinner that night too Smile  I have a pizza problem.  If there was only one thing I could eat for the rest of my life, I would choose pizza.


She recommended Edwardo’s which is one of her favorites that delivers and it is very similar to Giardano’s.  Campbell, her adorable 2 year old son was my dinner date.  BC was too but Campbell is my new buddy.  And he loves pizza.


Christina’s husband used to work at Geno’s many moons ago and said that the only pizzas that ever get returned have mushrooms on them.  Apparently mushrooms can make the pizza watery.  Good to know since I love mushrooms and I had that problem at John’s in NYC a few weeks ago.  Another trick:  Tell the pizza place not to cut the pizza when you order delivery- all the sauce and juices from the toppings seep into the middle and make the crust soggy.  So smart!!!

Another smart thing:  Add a salad to your delicious heavy slices of cheesy pizza.  It makes it seem healthier at least Smile


Does anyone else have any good recommendations for Chicago-style deep dish places?

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  1. Megan says:

    Giordanos is the best!!! Not a fan of Lou’s

  1. March 16, 2015

    […] friends run this face every year but I’ve always been out of town for it.  Last year we were in Chicago for the drunken mess that was St. Patrick’s Day […]

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