Chilly Wadi Rum

With soft, reddish sand, Wadi Rum is a popular backdrop in Hollywood movies to portray other planets. Scenes from Matt Damon’s The Martian was filmed in Wadi Rum. In January, it is chilly and the wind whips the sand around making it seem like Wadi Rum could be very similar to a Mars climate.


The smooth sand makes an excellent medium for sand angels and practicing cartwheels.


Most tourists will either hike, ride a camel, or take a 4×4 ride through the desert to see the rock formations. A night, there are desert camps with tents and strange pods for a desert camping/glamping experience. We stayed in tents at a main camp (with quite lovely facilities) rather than more isolated ones because it was so cold and windy. It actually snowed the night we spent in Wadi Rum.


The 4×4 ride is the best way to see as much as possible. The sun was out for most of our ride which helped with photos and keep the group warm.


Don’t forget your head coverings. I had a scarf, ear cover, and sunglasses covering my face as to keep the sand out of my face. When I washed my face back at camp, the washcloth was brown. Natural exfoliation! Smile 

20190116_142858 (2)

Footprints in the sand.

20190116_133057 (2)

An attempt at a windy, scenic photo with my roommate (tent mate in Wadi Rum).

20190116_142628 (2)

Mushroom Rock (Mars or Jordan?):


I’m pretty sure this is me at the top of the arch. Only 5 of my group climbed up there but I did not walk across the top. This was as far as my scaredy cat self made it.


(Photo by Jordan)

Me and my Jordan travel pals- I’m in the white coat with my shoes off practicing making footprints in the sand:


Overall, Wadi Rum was beautiful but there is probably a better time of year to visit. I’d wait until the spring to visit, although we were told the summer can be sweltering. Find the happy medium of weather for your trip to Wadi Rum and spend some time at night stargazing and maybe hop on a camel.

In January, you’ll be huddled around the fire roasting marshmallows like us.

20190116_185534 (2)

My Jordan food post is up next!

Reader Question: Camping/Glamping in the desert- bucket list or no thanks?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I’ve never heard of this area before, but it looks beautiful! I can see why it would be chosen for movies where they need to show Mars.

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