Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise

The Columbia River Gorge separates Oregon from Washington. During Lewis and Clark’s time, the Gorge was impassable.  The explorers and natives that lived in the area had to remove their boats from the water and walk past many of the rapids.  Today, because of hydroelectric dams, the water is much more calm.

Columbia River Gorge boat cruise pretty

The best way to explore the Columbia River Gorge is by boat.  We took the Sternwheeler from Cascade Locks, Oregon (near Hood River) with Portland Spirit.  They offer dinner, sightseeing, and Portland cruises as well.

Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise Sternwheeler Cascade Locks

The best part about it was getting to watch all the kiteboarders!  They were flipping and some flying quite a distance.  They liked performing their tricks for the boat and were definitely showing off for us.  I didn’t mind at all- it looks like so much fun!

Kitesurfing Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise

Kiteboarding is popular here because it is so windy in the Gorge.

Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise Bridge of the Gods Me

Above the Columbia River is the Bridge of the Gods.  The Bridge used to be a land bridge caused by a landslide somewhere between 1100-1450 AD that dammed the Columbia River.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the Columbia River is the fastest moving river the United States so it didn’t last. The river broke through causing the Cascade Rapids to form.

Bridge of the Gods Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise

Today there is  a Bridge of the Gods again, this time man-made.  It spans the Columbia River from Oregon to Washington.  I had heard of it before because it was the goal point along the Pacific Crest Trail for Cheryl Strayed in the book Wild.

Bridge of the Gods Under Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise

Riding the Sternwheeler under the bridge was fun.  Watching the kiteboarders was fun too.  Besides those things, the rest of the trip was fairly dull.  We saw a trash barge.

Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise Trash Barge

And a real teepee used by local Native American fisherman:

Columbia River Gorge boat cruise teepee

That’s all from the Columbia River Gorge Boat Trip.  More from Hood River, Oregon coming up next before my Oregon Roadtrip ends in Portland.

Sternwheeler Columbia River Gorge Boat Cruise



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7 Responses

  1. Wow, this looks like a gorgeous place! We haven’t really spent time out west and we will certainly add the Columbia River Gorge to our list.

  2. This looks so gorgeous! If I ever make it to the US, it has got to be to the Pacific Northwest! That area seems utterly beautiful!!

  3. You have given me a good idea. I have always wanted to explore this area but didn’t know about short cruises (I have read about long ones). A friend visited recently the Gorge and came back with awesome photos.

  4. Looks like a fantastic trip. We drove along the gorge but didn’t get out onto the water. We’ll have to do that next time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Connie Reed says:

    This looks like a gorgeous area, and the both trip looks relaxing. I never heard of kiteboarding before. Looks like fun—watching it, that is. I would never attempt to do it myself.

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  2. March 19, 2015

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