Conveyor Belt Sushi in Kyoto

Dinner from a sushi conveyor belt is by far my favorite meal in Japan thus far. My new friend Elizabeth and I were in the mood to eat after a long day of hiking and needed some sustenance. We found this busy place with a short line outside.

IMG_6747 (2)

The line moved quickly and we began feasting our way through many different types of fish.  Tuna and barbequed eel (unagi) have always been my favorites so I grabbed some eel first.  It was amazing!

IMG_6748 (2)

Tuna with green onions of the win! This was my favorite all meal and ended up grabbing another when they made another pass.

IMG_6751 (2)

The sushi conveyor belt is constantly being added to and taken from.  If you want something badly, pay attention and grab it when you see it. The chefs were constantly adding new stuff.

IMG_6750 (2)

Soy sauce and wasabi are in large containers along the ledge.  You can take as much or a little as you would like to accompany your sushi.

This was was abalone (left) and caviar (right).  I never had either before but  they weren’t the most tasty of my picks.

IMG_6754 (2)

There were surprisingly some non-seafood options going around as well.  This was the smoked duck with onions.  I also saw tofu, egg, and beef on the conveyor belt.

IMG_6760 (2)

I tried the duck because 1) I like duck and 2) I needed to try something non-fish.  It was pretty good.

IMG_6763 (2)

As you eat the plates pile up. Piling up the plates is also the measure for which you are charged. Different plates mean different prices (the price is also next to the sushi on the conveyor belt). Our plate pile was up to 18, 9 plates for each of us.

Shrimp tempura:

IMG_6765 (2)

9 plates plus a beer equaled 1400 Yen or $11.65 USD. We were so full and tried so many fun things.  Sushi from a conveyor belt in Japan was a great experience. I absolutely loved the food and getting to pick out what looked good to me.  I will definitely do this again should I have the opportunity!


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  1. Joelle says:

    I LOVE conveyor belt sushi. Watching all that beautiful fish go by is half the fun.

  2. How much fun!!! I have to try these someday!

  3. Holly says:

    Yum! I love sushi. I feel like conveyor belt sushi is something that you always see in the movies! It makes sense though, I like it!

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