Cordoba, Spain- Fun stuff, food and the Mezquita

Hello from Cordoba, Spain

The fun:

Our hotel in Cordoba was typical of most hotels I’ve stayed in Spain.  Every hotel so far has a giant pillow to match the size bed where you are sleeping.  Twin beds have pillows exactly the width of the twin (which is bigger than what I am used to) and double beds and an even more giant double pillow.  And the softness can be approximated to cement.

Spain Cordoba giant pillow

Bathrooms usually include a bidet which isn’t that strange but since most bathrooms were added much later to appease Western travelers they try to fit everything in tight.  A few hotels make is impossible to use the toilet without sitting diagonal.  Men would probably have to stand in the shower to go.

Spain Cordoba diagonal peeing

Maybe 9 inches between the base of the shower and the toilet.  Maybe.

The Visitor’s Center in Cordoba was awesome.  Like it used to be a church awesome- altar and all.

Spain Cordoba visitors center 2


Note the lady’s awesome outfit in the photo above.

Spain Cordoba vistors center

Cordoba has a festival every year where they decorate their courtyards in flowers.  Many, many flowers.  This is just the outside display getting ready for the festival next month.

Spain Cordoba flowers

The food:

Lunch was very photogenic and delicious.

Spain Cordoba carrot centerpiece


Spain Cordoba lunch

Patatas Bravas and spinach salad with serrano ham plus a few more tapas that were less photogenic.

My dinner entree was octopus.  This was the first meal we all didn’t split tapas.  It was good but sharing and trying everything is a lot more fun.

Spain Cordoba octopus

We also ate ricotta cheesecake twice today at the place we had lunch.  Wine and cheesecake is money!

Spain Cordoba ricotta cheesecake

The Mezquita was a Mosque, then Catholic Church.  The inside is quite fun and super-weird.  When you walk in, you can definitely see the Mosque-aspects.

Spain Cordoba Mesquita3SpainCordobaMesquita2

It reminded me of the game Candyland and the peppermint land.   SpainCordobaMesquita5

Then all of a sudden you walk to the center and it become bright, very bright with white and gold, high ceilings, and light pouring in from the windows.  It is like they plopped a Catholic Church in the middle of the building by accident.  SpainCordobaMesquita4

Very cool but very odd.


The Mezquita from the outside during the day and at night:

SpainCordobaMesquita8    SpainCordobamesquita7

We are on our way to Valencia on the high speed train traveling at 301 kilometers an hour.  We are zooming.

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    LOVE Spain! Safe travels and thanks for sharing with Tasty Tuesday!

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